Our Vision. Your Adventure.
Our Mission. Your Game.

snoopo is a mobile app designed to let you experience a virtual treasure hunt in the real world

snoopos are physical or virtual boxes hidden all around the world, just waiting to be opened by you. Collect the snoopos to get real money or other great gifts. Join the snoopo community and become part of one of the biggest treasure hunts worldwide. Maybe fortune strikes right outside your door this very moment! Start your adventure now - CATCH THE BOXES!

Our Vision

snoopo is a new thrilling platform that enables people all around the world to find treasures in the form of cash, vouchers and snoopo coins.

Your Adventure

Go out and start your treasure hunt. The app helps you to find the boxes in your city. Whenever you see the blue dotted scale filling up, you are getting closer and closer.

Our Mission

snoopo creates a virtual experience in the real world. With the help of Augmented Reality, you can discover snoopos whenever you are close enough to them.

Your Game

Connect with other players and be part of the snoopo community.