The snoopo App

Does the app cost money?

No, the app and its usage is free of charge. In-App purchases are possible.

Can I turn off the advertising?

Not yet. We are working on an ad-free version for you.

How can I become partner?

If you would like to become a partner of snoopo feel free to contact us via e-mail: partner@snoopo.com

The snoopo Boxes

How many boxes can I collect?

You can collect as many as you can get. Maybe you are able to find even some physical ones 😉

What kind of items can I find in those boxes?

The content of a box may vary from box to box. Both, virtual and physical boxes can contain cash, coins or vouchers.

What happens if I can’t open the box?

Oops! This could be due to an internal server error. Please try again in a few minutes.

Why are there no boxes in my immediate surroundings?

Our team is working day and night to cover more and more places around the world! So stay tuned and let us know on instagram which city you like us to add faster!

Can I "hunt" boxes in public transport or on a bicycle?

Unfortunately you cannot catch any snoopos when moving faster than 10km/h. This is due to safety reasons.

How do I find a box in the specified radius ?

Select “snoopos” in the menu bar at the bottom. This is where you can find all the boxes in your close vicinity. When moving around you will fastly recognize that the distance to each and every one of the boxes starts to change. As soon as you have moved close enough to a box it will pop up on top of the list. A map with a blue circle inside will open. This is the area in which the box can be hidden. Walk around and take a closer look on the dots below our logo. The more dots filled up, the closer you are. Again, move until all the dots have filled. This is when you should be able to open your camera and find the box with our special AR view. Have fun!

Snoopo Coins and Payout

What are the snoopo coins for?

We are in the process of creating a webshop where you can exchange your snoopo coins for merchandise and other cool things.

How will I receive the snoopo coins?

Snoopo coins can be the content of any virtual box you open.

Is there a minimum amount for payout?

Yes there is. The minimum amount needed for payout is 10 USD.

Can I pay out my money at any time?


Is there a possibility to donate the money to charity organizations?

For now you have to do this on own initiative, but our team is working on a process to implement donations in our snoopo app! Stay tuned!

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